A lot of practice is needed to nail the quick, tight corners in F-Zero: Maximum Velocity


F-Zero: Maximum Velocity


Wii U (£6.29)

The first thing that struck me playing F-Zero: Maximum Velocity is that I must have played it a lot as a child – because I am rubbish at it as an adult. This updated Gameboy version is well worth a visit; a lot of practice is needed to nail the quick, tight corners; and despite the graphics the game still manages to somehow feel futuristic. Though two-player isn't available, avoiding elimination from the race while dodging obstacles to make sure your vehicle doesn't explode makes for some highly addictive racing. Now for a new version, Nintendo?

Laura Davis

Lego: The Hobbit


All major platforms (£54.99)

In this third Lego title in six months our beloved blocks travel back to Middle Earth, in a plot based on that of the first two Hobbit films. For those familiar with the series, especially the most recent Lego Movie Videogame, the block-smashing gameplay will perhaps lack an element of surprise, though newcomers will be pleased with smooth visuals and a large open world to explore. Traveller's Tales has a long lineage of excellent film tie-in titles and this offering continues the trend.

Sam Gill

Mercenary Kings


PC, Mac, PS4 (£14.99 or free on PS Plus)

Gorgeously generated environments and characters from pixel artist Paul Robertson give this side-scrolling shooter a Neo-Geo arcade feel. A cross between Megaman, Metal Slug and a loot-collecting dungeon crawler, this game offers a quick thrill but also has longevity due to the crafting system. Frustrating boss fights hamper the enjoyment; bosses will leave a fight and respawn on the other side of a map making the player traverse again to continue the fight.

Jack Fleming