Far Cry 4 is visually gorgeous, with mountains, forests and lakes that could be mistaken for real


Far Cry 4


PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PC (£54.99)

Taking place in the fictional Himalayan province of Kyrat, you are Ajay Ghale, on a mission to return his mother's ashes to her home country. Unlike many shooters, you aren't tied to a single route and there is an open world for you to explore, taking on story missions as and when you desire. Visually, the game is gorgeous, with mountains, forests and lakes that could be mistaken for real. For those looking for a big blockbuster first-person shooter who are tired of the CoD formula, this is certainly worth a look.

Jack Fleming

Grand Theft Auto V


Xbox One, PS4 (£59.99)

Returning to GTA's world is like returning to a favourite city that looks the same, but which has had a bit of a face-lift. In Los Santos's case this isn't down to a new mayor (the plot and characters are largely unchanged), but the leap to next-gen in this enhanced edition, which brings stunning graphical improvements. As beautiful as it looks, however, it's First Person Mode which Rockstar is hoping seals the deal. Being the characters – rather than just looking over their shoulders – somehow makes the world even more enormous, though there's not too much value for money if you already own the game.

Chris Hooton

WWE 2K15


Xbox One, PS4 (£59.99)

WWE 2K15 brings the WWE Universe into the uncharted realms of next-gen – yet for all of the additional power and potential the latest consoles bring, it's defined by its omissions as much as its successes. The meagre roster and equally notable absence of multiple-match types, a story creator, create-a-championship and the ability to upload custom soundtracks are a major disappointment; but the new, realistic grapple mechanics and improved animations significantly enhance the in-ring experience. Not a TKO then, but by no means a count out.

Oliver Cragg