Latest version of the football video game franchise is free to download, though in-app purchases can buy you new players and game modes

Not content with giving away the game with Day One editions of the Xbox One, EA Sports are now letting iOS and Android users download Fifa 14 for free on their tablets and smartphones.

The app is now available in both iTunes and on the Google Play store, and although (of course) the experience will be nothing like the console edition, with a download size of well over a GB it’s certainly not a small game either.

Although you can play the game without paying a penny EA will be making their money on the title via in-app purchases of coins.

Players can then use these coins to buy Ultimate Team points, locked footballers and new game modes including ‘Manager’, ‘Tournament’ and ‘Kick Off!’

However, it seems that Fifa are playing fair by the oft-ignored rules of microtransactions and are allowing gamers to earn coins themselves, simply by playing the game.

Of course players without patience can always fork over real money to get their favourite defender as quickly as possible.  

The game certainly seems to have found a receptive audience, currently holding a 4.5 star rating (out of five) on Google Play.