The top tactics from a world record holder

Patrick Hadler, 19, a teaching assistant from Germany, has the Guinness World Record for achieving the highest score of 321-0 on FIFA World Cup 2014. He also holds the world record for Highest margin of victory against a computer on FIFA 13 and Highest margin of victory against computer on FIFA 14.

Mix it up

Do not let your game be predictable otherwise it is too easy for your opponent to defend your attacks. Play through the middle, play over the wings, centre more often or shoot from a distance…

Stay focused

No matter how good you play you will concede (ridiculous) goals. You have to stay focused after that otherwise your play will deteriorate an you will concede even more.

Keep possession

It is important to keep possession, especially for beginners. Defending can be very hard, so you don’t want to have to do that too often. Play certain passes and provoke your opponent to make a mistake in his defence.

Be attentive

You always have to keep an eye on your defensive line. If a striker tries to make run through your defence you have to cover him as fast as you can. Fast players with good dribbling skills can be very dangerous in this way.

Use skills

Of course it is not easy to use skills, but it can be very effective if you use them in the right situations. Especially oversteps and ball roll can be effective.


Scoring against a weak computer – extra tips:

Shoot certain

It is better to play a little bit slower to maximise your chance to score. 17-22 meters from the goal is the best spot. Any other distance is too risky. Every save from the goalkeeper costs a lot of time, and when you get a corner almost every player on the opponent team is in the box and so it will be much harder to score.

Choose the right opponent

It doesn’t have to be the weakest team in the game. It is very important that the strikers of your opponent play a pass back to their teammate outside of the centre circle almost after every kick off, so you have enough time to get the ball. Otherwise they start to keep the ball and you have to tackle them. That costs more time and sometimes your opponent gets a free kick.

Tips on getting the world record:

Efficient passing

Don’t waste time passing, just try and get to the goal as soon as possible.

Time the tackle

After every goal at kick off make sure you are patient so you don’t tackle them and concede a free kick. The timing is key for the tackle.

Formation is key

Choose the right formation so the best player is striker – the fastest and one with best distance shooting skills.

The Guinness World Records Gamers Edition is out on 6 November