The latest FIFA game is pretty awesome, but it's not without a few faults it would seem

FIFA 15 has launched in the UK today to much excitement and the initial reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

However, a game that features all 20 Premier League stadiums, hundreds of accurately portrayed teams and thousands of players closely mimicking the real thing, it is unsurprising that a few glitches have emerged.

Among those that players have been posting online is an incredible free-kick from Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard who somehow manages to kick the ball backwards. Another sees Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny spinning through the air after an innocuous coming together and Barcelona goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen appearing to fly.

Perhaps the best of the lot sees a cameraman decide to take a stroll onto the pitch.

Check out the collection of glitches below...






That so many glitches have been spotted probably owes something to the game being launched in Europe yesterday and in the United States earlier in the week, giving players ample opportunity to spot any problems. Neither are bugs on FIFA anything new, below is a compilation of some of the best from FIFA 14...

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