This Friday, EA Sports will release their flagship title FIFA 14, ending months of anticipation and excitement amongst a sizeable proportion of the gaming community. Today however, fans have been given the chance to end the wait for a new FIFA a little prematurely – not due to an early release of the console version, but by being able to download a FIFA 14 app for iOS and Android for free.

The App Store description boasts features including the new ‘Touch Flow Controls’, which involves dragging, tapping and swiping to move, pass and shoot.

Fans of previous games in the FIFA series may also be happy to see that the hugely popular Ultimate Team makes an appearance in the app.

In-app purchases are of course available too, with additional game modes – Manager, Tournament and Kick Off. But be wary – if you’re already struggling to find memory space on a jam-packed device, this one may cause a problem. A hefty 1.17 GB download is needed, but for those who really cannot wait for Friday, it’s certainly an option.