Game of the week - Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (iPhone £2.99)

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Videogame versions of big-budget films can go either way. Occasionally, they truly capture the feeling of a movie and take the experience out of the cinema and in to the front room, letting you extend the pleasure even after the popcorn's gone. More often, though, they're turgid affairs that capitalise on a blockbuster's fame and fail to deliver anything approaching entertaining. Children's film/game tie-ins tend to be the worst, so it's good to see that Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (based on the animation of the same name) is an extremely playable little adventure. Three things are behind this, Firstly, the game has lots of the film's energy and cute characters; secondly, a decent developer (Two Tribes) has been let loose on it; and thirdly, it costs just £2.99 – a palatable price compared to the £20 and up that console tie-ins cost.