Games review: Feel for Two

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Format PSP

Publisher Sony

PSP Minis, casual download titles created for Sony’s handheld device, are something of a poor relation to both the slew of iPhone gaming apps and theDSi Ware range. But you can’t knock Sony for trying to tap into the minigame craze, and Feel for Two, a bundle of 12 two-person games that are played on a single PSP, is great value for less than £4. Not quite as impressive as the price is the quality, which is decidedly patchy, although there are some winningly crazy titles. Love Cupid sees you having to co-operate with another player to help a couple fall in love (easier said than done), while Busy Sweets Factory and PileUpBakery see you having to use teamwork to make teetering towers of tasty treats. Amore-than-mediocre pinball game and Homerun Hitters are more miss than hit but it feels churlish to be too harsh on these cute and crazy time-wasters.