Games review: New Super Mario Bros

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If it's a blast from the gaming past that you're after, Super Mario Bros is without doubt one of Nintendo's all-time classics. Those who missed Mario first time round mightn't get too excited, but old skoolers (read: aging game geeks) will certainly get a kick out of it. The big change is multiplayer: now up to four people can play. This makes it a party title, playing to the Wii's strengths. Still a side-scrolling beast, and retaining the plot of rescuing Princess Peach - this time from dirty nemesis Bowser's son. New power-ups increase the fun, and a graphic polish has made it the best-looking Mario title to date.

Oh for a Wii with hi-def video support. Single play isn't hugely exciting when you stack it against newer, more innovative titles. Best way to play, Coin Op mode with four players on screen at once. But online multiplayer, unfortunately, has been left out altogether.

Verdict: Everyone's favourite plumber is back - a great shot of nostalgia repackaged for party game fun. Four-way multiplayer is fast, competitive and ultimately means a revitalised, multiplayer memory lane game.

Rating: 4 stars

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Source: New Zealand Herald