Format DS

Publisher Disney Interactive

At first glance at the case for Alice in Wonderland, you would be forgiven for missing the connection between this cartoon-style DS platformer and Tim Burton’s newly released 3D blockbuster film. The reason for this is that despite being a movie tie-in, its developer, Étranges Libellules, has been given the freedom to create its own visual style, and the resulting 2D cel-shaded graphics are pleasingly unique. The gameplay itself is not groundbreaking, but there are some interesting features: you take turns between playing as the WhiteRabbit, Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter and theCaterpillar (whom Alice then follows), and each has unique abilities, which gives the game variety. Alice in Wonderland is certainly not a difficult game, but young fans of the film won’t be disappointed. Fans of the movie, however, might want to check out the Wii version for a more filmic take on the interactive adventure.