Gamescom 2014: Kano is the latest character to be unveiled in gory Mortal Kombat X

Kano is latest character released on bloodier-than-ever series

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Mortal Kombat is back for a tenth instalment and the next-gen of consoles will be put to full use to make the series’ signature move, the Fatality, gorier and more visceral than ever.

Eight characters have so far been confirmed for MKX, with four of those new to the series. Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Kano and Raiden are the names familiar to fans of the series, with Cassie Cage, D’Vorah, Ferra/Torr and Kotal Kahn the newcomers so far announced.

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Kano is the latest character to be have his official trailer unveiled by series creator Ed Boon at Gamescom.

Series creator Boon promised a surprise at Gamescom, so keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Each character features three variations in their fighting style to add greater variety, for example Raiden boasts Thunder God, Displacer and Storm Lord – the styles slightly change the appearance of a character and add different abilities.

While in Thunder God mode Raiden can use his trademark lightning attacks, in Displacer he teleports and Storm Lord allows him to place traps.

The trailers have shown the game will feature more bone-crunching and blood and guts than ever; Raiden’s Fatality on the official trailer shows him squeezing his opponent’s head until eyes pop from their sockets and the head is removed from the shoulders, he then electrocutes the head in mid-air until it explodes.

Kano's Fatality has him rip D'Vorah in half and before the camera brutally moves in for a close up to snap her neck.

Finish him indeed.

Mortal Kombat X does not yet have a release date but is expected to come out in 2015 on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.