Whether it's Fifa 15 or Halo 5 you can't wait to hear more about, here's when you should be watching

Tuesday 12 August

First up we have the Microsoft media briefing on at 1pm BST/2pm CEST. You can watch it via Twitch, xbox.com or on Youtube.

Then we have Sony on at 6pm BST/7pm CEST, again accessible on Twitch, Playstation Home and Sony's Gamescom hub.

Wednesday 13 August

EA have their press event at 9am BST/7am CEST, starting the day early and will be streamed on their Gamescom page and on their own site.

Konami are up at 7pm BST/8pm CEST with the stream on their Twitch channel.

After those key events, there is a variety to pick and choose across the 4 days. You can find all of the Xbox booth streams on their Twitch channel.

Twitch has all of their booth on their homepage main page.

Redbull are also running their own booth from the 11 until the 15, which is at their Twitch channel.

If you're looking for E-Sports all of them can be found on relevant Twitch pages; CoD: bootcamp, Halo 4v4, EU LCS, CS:GO and Guild Wars 2 all stars tournament.

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