Gaming reviews: Fable Anniversary; Consortium; Might & Magic X Legacy


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Fable Anniversary


Xbox 360 (£29.99)

One of the jewels in the original Xbox's crown, for its tenth anniversary Fable receives an enthusiastic re-imagining, with updated graphics, a more merciful save system and remastered soundtrack. Those with fond memories of Albion's bucolic scenery and good-natured questing will enjoy revisiting familiar haunts with fresh window dressing. However, under the surface certain elements betray their age. There's humour and charm in abundance for new players, but those hoping this edition would bring Fable fully up to speed with modern RPGs may be disappointed.

Sam Gill



PC (£14.99)

A testament to the potential for a Kickstarter-backed game, Consortium has the kind of plot and scope that wouldn't be out of place in any AAA sci-fi RPG. With the entirety of the game set aboard a single spaceship, the potential for an expansive experience is limited; however, while the game is short, the scope comes from the multitude of consequences your choices can lead to.

Jack Fleming

Might & Magic X Legacy


PC (£19.99)

The latest instalment in this near 30-year-old RPG series is very recognisably – and entirely deliberately – taking it back to the old school. From the turn-based battles taking place on a grid, to the comfortable, cookie-cutter swords-and-sorcery setting, it's safe to say that the game isn't designed to scratch any innovatory itches. You create your adventurers, set out into a vast, confusing world, and visit an awful lot of dungeons. It's good, solid fare, and engrossing enough, provided you like your fantasy tropes as traditional as they come...

Tom Mendelsohn