Gaming reviews: Just Dance 2014; F1 2013; NBA 2K14


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Just Dance 2014


£34.99 PS3, PS4, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One


The fifth instalment in the Just Dance series is, as ever, most fun when played with friends to laugh with (or at). This time, however, when friends leave and you can't stop the beat, there's a new online World Dance Floor mode, allowing dance competitions against rhythmic strangers. Just Dance 2014 features an eclectic mix of songs – including this year's "Blurred Lines", Aladdin's "Prince Ali" and "Flashdance" – but there are a few duds thrown in.

For those who don't look good on the dancefloor, there's also a karaoke mode: try "Moskau" for a tongue-twisting challenge. It's not as much about precision as it is about having a great time – but it is undoubtedly as much fun as ever, with even more creative and hilarious choreography to boot.

Laura Davis

F1 2013



PC, PS3, Xbox 360


The latest version of the licensed game – featuring all sponsor logos and advertising – contains legendary drivers, retro cars and circuits from the 1980s and 1990s for extra authenticity. The unique Murray Walker provides commentary but, sadly, Ayrton Senna does not feature – though the game has all the teams, drivers and circuits from this season. With improved graphics, it's an improved version of last year's offering rather than an overhaul, but it is more welcoming to the casual motorsport fan, with plenty of game modes to enjoy – despite some difficult handling at points. A must-have for any F1 fan.

Majid Mohamed

NBA 2K14

2K Sports


All major platforms


Some other big sports game franchises should take note how 2K does things; it has had the best career mode for years. With pre-draft interviews and social network interaction with your club's fans, there is so much you can do off-court to become a star. The team around you will also be affected by what 2K calls the Dynamic Living Roster – updating player stats daily to represent real-life hot and cold streaks, plunging the player even deeper into NBA life. Crews have been brought back to online play, meaning you and friends can hook up and take on rivals. Think GTA-style turf wars settled on court.

Martyn Landi