Fast-paced and exciting: GRID Autosport is a triumph


GRID Autosport


PS3, Xbox 360, PC (£34.99)

After the bad handling of GRID 2, GRID Autosport gets down to the actual reason for playing a racing game: the racing. It is a triumph – fast-paced and exciting, with visuals no less jaw-dropping than next-gen counterparts. With day and night races, and 100 routes in 22 locations around the world, there is also plenty of variety. Codemasters has taken a game that was already oozing class and driven it forward, to deliver something racing fans will undoubtedly love.

David Crookes

EA Sports UFC


PS4, Xbox One (£54.99)

Mixed martial arts requires a high level of fitness, strength and skill, and to try and highlight the real-life athletes' dedication, EA incorporates a lengthy process of training and character improvement in EA Sports UFC. Unfortunately, in a game, that isn't actually very fun. Enthusiasts of the sport will find something to like amid the detailed character development and lifelike representation of the combat, but it all feels too much like hard work.

Jack Fleming

Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition


Wii U, 3DS, PS3, PS4, Xbox One, PS Vita (£7.19)

Another World was originally launched for the Amiga and Atari ST in 1991, with the grandstanding claim that "It took six days to create the Earth – Another World took two years". Remarkably, it lived up to the hype: a moody alien platformer that built a strong feeling of isolation with high-stakes gameplay and a largely wordless narrative. This 20th anniversary edition (originally made for iOS in 2011) offers players a choice between the original graphics or a clean-lined HD version that faithfully updates the characters and backgrounds. It offers a welcome return to a videogame world that still possesses a unique sense of mystery and danger.

Sam Gill