GTA 5: Five things you need to know about Grand Theft Auto V

With the game set for release tomorrow, Simon Rice picks out some of the key aspects of the new game

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1. Three characters - plus Chops

Unless you've shielded yourself from every GTA 5 preview that's been doing the rounds for the last few years, you'll be aware there is not one character to take control of but three. There's Michael, a former criminal going straight (if not for long), Franklin, an African-American with big ambitions, and Trevor, an insanely violent bully. At one stage, you'll also get the opportunity to take control of Franklin's dog Chops.


2. Vehicles

GTA is all about the vehicles and the latest installment doesn't disappoint. With standard vehicles ranging from sports cars to old bangers, there are many more surprises on top. You can hop on a bicycle, take control of a jet ski, fly a helicopter, steal a quad bike, hop on a motorbike... basically everything you could imagine.


3. A take on real life

The makers of GTA 5 have ensured the game mirrors real life as best it can - so expect to be able to send text messages, take photos on your phone and watch TV shows. But of course it's all done in typically hilarious GTA style, so the social media company is called Lifeinvader, internet cafes are branded Tw@ and the most popular show on TV is Fame and Shame - with an oddly familiar English accented judge.


4. A healthy lifestyle

The three characters can take some time out from heists and murders to play a bit of sport. Included in the new game are triathlons, golf and tennis. The cut scenes showing your character's joy at winning each point on the court are hilarious.


5. Strangers and freaks

While the game is based around undertaking missions, there are various other tasks to get involved in. Go and meet the 'Strangers and Freaks' around Los Santos and you may find yourself shooting aliens or helping a paparazzo get his shot. Other tasks may arise simply as you drive past, such as a bank robbers in desperate need of a driver.