GTA 5: Beach Bum DLC pack available for Xbox and PS3 online

Beach Bum DLC pack offers new clothing, weapons and vehicles - but no word on that casino heist yet

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Rockstar has released a new patch for GTA 5 and GTA Online, offering PS3 and Xbox 360 owners a slew of updates and bug fixes for the popular title.

The Beach Bum pack is free to download for both consoles as part of the automatic title update, version 1.06. “Just fire up your console to download it,” writes Rockstar on the game’s blog.

The update offers plays new cars and boats, including the BF Bifta dune buggy and Bravado Paradise beach camper van for races on the beach, as well as new weapons, with the promise of “the new SNS Pistol & Broken Bottle - a pair of close range weapons perfect for any beach blanket brouhaha.”

There’s also a wide range of new customization options appropriate for the beach; everything from tank-tops to board shorts and bikinis.

As well as these updates Rockstar have also fixed an array of minor bugs and completed “a new round of dynamic tuning” for GTA Online. These include tweaking the various punishments and incentives that encourage gamers into playing nicely (but not too nicely) online.

Unfortunately the Beach Bum pack doesn’t include any of the “exciting new story mode updates” that were promised with the announcement of the DLC in November, but with the UK launch of the Xbox One and PS4 on the horizon, a major expansion for the game can't be too far off.

For more details on the update click here to check the Rockstar Newswire.