Grand Theft Auto V is being touted as the definitive version

The feature, already released on PC, is available as a free update

Rockstar Editor has been released for Grand Theft Auto 5, letting players make their own short films in the game’s world.

The mode, which has just arrived on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, is available through a free update. It has already been available on the PC.

The free, accurately-constructed world of GTA has been used for the recreation of famous videos already. One player, for instance, accurately made the True Detective intro using only footage from the game.

Rockstar Editor allows players to use special camera modes, as well as effects like depth of field and filters. It also allows players to use a cast of characters that includes animals.

As well as allowing for new features, the update brings a whole set of new trophies — the achievements that can be unlocked for doing certain challenges in PlayStation games. They include rewards for making and exporting a video, making a video while playing as an animal actor, or for visiting specific locations.