H1Z1: Zombie survival MMO available on Steam, but there's a list of bugs

Fans are also unhappy about in-game payments

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Sony Online Entertainment’s H1Z1 caused controversy amongst players after being unveiled on Steam Early Access today.

Gamers trying to play the post-apocalyptic zombie MMO were initially left staring at an error on the login screen.


According to Sony Online Entertainment’s (SOE) President, John Smedley, the login server had to be reconfigured. 

There is now a list of updates available on Reddit.


Players were also disgruntled to learn that the game includes pay to win items.

SOE released two versions of the game. The first standard version, available at £14.99, includes early access, event tickets for special server access, crates and crate keys. While the premium edition, priced at £29.99, includes a controversial air drop system which many players feel is a way to purchase gameplay breaking supplies such as guns, first aid and ammunition.

Smedley had previously announced that the micro-transactions would only include emote packs, wearable’s and character slots.