Hitman GO relies on figuring out logical paths to reach your target


Hitman GO


iOS (£2.99)

This mobile spin-off from the stealth series takes a unique, tangential turn, in the form of a board game. With a dash of Cluedo and a touch of Connect 4 (when you just didn't anticipate that deadly fourth disc coming), Hitman GO relies on figuring out logical paths to reach your target, which is complicated by guards who move with each step you take. There's a lot of trial and error, with extra optional objectives along the way: the more complex it gets, the more remembering those sequences really counts.

Laura Davis

2014 Fifa World Cup Brazil


Xbox 360, PS3 (£49.99)

Out go the clubs and in come 203 national teams, 12 official World Cup stadiums, plus the latest kits, official soundtrack and something new to the EA franchise – real managers. Score a goal for England and Roy Hodgson will be uncharacteristically pumping his fists and dancing down the touchline. Keepers can give penalty-takers the wobbly knees, and an excellent addition enables you to choose tactics at set plays. But aside from slightly sharper passing, the gameplay is almost identical to Fifa 14.

Simon Rice

Trials Fusion


Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PC (£39.99)

Trials Fusion is a physics-based platformer with a motorcycle to traverse a 3D world that has been confined to a 2D plane – where colourful explosions take place to distract the player from the action on the course. Due to the high number of levels available, the difficulty can increase very gradually through the game, with plenty of new modes and bikes to unlock. It has a great sense of humour but, unfortunately, doesn't do enough to differentiate itself from the biking competition out there.

Jack Fleming