Hospital Manager, Fez, Luftrausers, gaming reviews: Comedy illnesses and glitches


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Hospital Manager


ios, android (£1.99)

If, like me, you've been searching for something to fill the void left by Theme Hospital, Hospital Manager is certainly a suitable transplant. There's a healthy borrowing of most of the key gameplay features, but less of the specifics on offer: you can't change features within rooms, or priorities of staff. The macabre feel and comedy illnesses make for compelling play – though irritating glitches on some later levels close the game intermittently (much like its predecessor), which is the only reason it didn't nab an extra star.

Laura Davis



PS3, PS4, PS Vita (£7.99 )

In what is ostensibly a nostalgic throwback to 2D platformers of the 16-bit era, hatted avatar Gomez discovers he can rotate 2D landscapes from a 3D perspective. Fez's simple, responsive gameplay encourages exploration within its Escher-inspired terrain of nebulous cubes disguised as flat squares. With tricky, dimension-based puzzle-platforming that rivals the ingenuity of Portal and a myriad of obscure secrets that perfectly complement the playful surrealism of the art design, this is a charming and unique take on a classic genre.

Oliver Cragg



PC, Mac, PS4 (£14.99 or free on PS Plus)

Originally developed by Vlambeer as a Flash game, Luftrausers is an ingenious 2D physics-based shooter that transcends its well-worn war tropes by transforming dogfighting into a cloud-bursting experience. Taking to the skies, the goal is to destroy enemy planes and battleships without getting killed – with stalling as a key mechanic. Sporting a neat monochrome colour scheme reminiscent of classic Gameboy visuals, Luftrausers also manages to capture the addictive quality of the best 8-bit games.

Sam Gill