£44.99; PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii, Wii U; Ubisoft

As an adult looking back on my childhood I often wonder what I could have achieved had my parents pushed me into something that allowed them to live vicariously through me.

In this sense I wish more than anything that my mother had been a failed dancer so she could have pushed me into dance school.

Just Dance 2015 tries to give wannabe dancers like me a glimpse of what it would be like if you could move in time. The game does this by tracking your movements while showing you the moves to make on screen, you are then scored on how close you are to the move. It is part tutor, part party entertainer, and while the dances are a lot simpler than professionals would do to the same song, they at least give you an idea of the speed and timing.

Just Dance was also just named the 50th best video game series by Guinness World Records, so it's apt timing for its release.


The player can either use the console’s camera accessory, a motion controller, or a paired mobile device to track your movements. Obviously the most fun and most entertaining way to play is with the camera tracking your movements; however the for anyone with a small living room, the camera is likely to keep losing you as you'll have to stand too close to the screen.

Along with tracking your movements the camera will also record segments of your performance. Unfortunately you could clearly tell when the camera started to record as the game freezes for a second or so, this then makes you miss moves and causes the song to skip. This is most probably a bug that will get patched relatively quickly, but it was incredibly jarring when trying to play.

There are a good variety of songs on the game with more available to purchase. Those in the original line up include Pharrell Williams' Happy, Rihanna's Diamonds and One Direction's Best Song Ever. In addition to dancing to the songs, if you have a microphone peripheral you can also sing along.

Just Dance is a party game and as such can be forgiven for being a little drunk and sloppy. While there is probably limited single player appeal, once you get a few friends over (even if none of your friends are Pharrell Williams, Rihanna or Harry Styles) it really is quite hard to not have a good time.