Mad Max is set in a barren, dystopian wasteland

Avalanche studios have encapsulated the feeling of a post-apocalyptic world

Mad Max


PS4, Xbox One, PC (£39.99)

Set in barren, dystopian wasteland of Australia, the eponymous silent hero attempts to create the ultimate car – the Magnus Opus – in the hope of exacting revenge upon the war-lord Scabrous Scrotus. That's pretty much it: for 30+ hours you're finding scrap and exploding fuel stations. It's not Max's story you engage with, it's the atmosphere. Every character is engrossed in wasteland lore. Avalanche studios have perfectly encapsulated the feeling of a post-apocalyptic world – perhaps better than the films did.

Jack Shepherd

Madden NFL 16


PS3, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 (£44.99)

Madden 16 is no stranger to being "over the top", and this version has undergone the most significant number of changes in the past decade of the game. The catching element is completely different, giving you options to steal possession, run after catch or go for the spectacular. Players can also now choose between defending the man or the ball – though this can be made significantly harder by awkward camera angles. With plenty of games modes and career challenges though, the latest instalment of Madden is definitely a hit.

Jack de Menezes

Disney Infinity 3.0


PS4, Wii U, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, PC (£74.99)

In Infinity, physical toys can be used to activate their virtual counterparts in game. There are two basic modes, the Toybox, in which you can create worlds using the entire Disney library, and the Playsets which are like a usual action adventure game, but limited to characters associated with that universe. Characters from the Star Wars universe are the new addition this time, but figures from the previous games will be compatible with the new version. This is a charming game – with obvious hooks to encourage children to ask their parents for more figurines. J

ack Fleming