Microsoft to let Xbox One owners play against PS4 and PC players

Xbox and PC games are likely to come very soon – but taking on PlayStation owners will require Sony to ‘participate’

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Xbox One players will finally be able to play against PC gamers – and might eventually be able to take on people with PS4s.

Microsoft is to announce that it will officially support cross-network play on its Xbox One platform, allowing people with Xbox One to take on people with a PC.

That will mean that people with PCs and others with Xboxes can take each other on in Rocket League, for instance – one of the first games that will take advantage of the new technology.

And eventually PS4 owners might be able to take part in those same games, the company said. But it will require Sony to commit to the same plan, which might be unlikely.

Microsoft didn’t explicitly mention Sony in its announcement. Instead it said that it was extending “an open invitation for other networks to participate as well”.

The company also said that the feature would only be added if developers opted to add it in. Players would always have the option to only play with Xbox One players, a company spokesperson wrote.