MLB 15: The Show might just be one of the truest sports sims ever made

Truly immersive experience puts players in the thick of the action

MLB 15: The Show


PS4, PS3, PS Vita (£49.99)

This is an absolutely perfect representation of baseball – it might just be one of the truest sports sims ever made. Every player has a distinct batting and pitching motion based on their real-life selves. The devil is in the detail, this is a truly immersive experience that puts you in the thick of the action. If you are a casual gamer with a couple of hours to spare then you're not going to get the most out of this. But if you're a baseball fan, or have any interest in the sport, then it is a work of art.

Tom Sheen



3DS (£4.49)

HAL Laboratories' latest offering rejects their usual colourful capers in favour of a Minimalist aesthetic that's more MoMA than Mario. With visuals reminiscent of early Gameboy titles, Boxboy! is a puzzle game where players take control of the aptly named Qbby. Each level assigns you a number of boxes to create from your own image, and players must utilise these to reach the goal. Starting out simply, the game adds new mechanics constantly to challenge players through over 150 worlds. Full of charm and thoughtful design, it shows there's nothing wrong with being square.

Sam Gill

Life Is Strange: Episode 2


PS4, PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3 (£3.99)

It may have been delayed but episode 2 has been worth the wait. This modern twist on the mechanics of point-and-click adventures picks up the hip, school smart-talking and teenage angst issues of the first game and builds towards an emotional life-or-death situation that will stick with you for some time after. Once again, it mostly eschews action for drama and decision making but with rounded characterisation and intriguing sub-plots, it makes you yearn for the next fix.

Dave Crookes