Murdered: Soul Suspect is dark, bold and poignant in spite of its technical and design issues


Super Time Force


Xbox 360, Xbox One (£11.99)

Who needs a next-gen console? While Watch Dogs grabs the headlines, the trend for lo-fi indie gaming continues with Super Time Force, a charming and idiosyncratic shoot-em-up which is as colourful as it is frenetically entertaining. While the relentless spoofing will raise a smile, beneath this lies a complex time-manipulation mechanic which encourages experimentation. There's a lot of depth and replayability here, though its chaotic nature means it's more suited to stress-inducing quick bursts than more thoughtful, extended sessions.

Jack Arnott

Tropico 5


PC (£34.99)

The latest iteration of the long-running Tropico series arrives with shinier graphics and slicker presentation. The big change-up appears to be dynasties – so now el Presidente is on hand to guide the people from colonial times through the Second World War and the Cold War, right up to the present. Affairs are as charming and irreverent as ever; one can still rule as a benign socialist utopian or a murderously conniving thug. It's more of the same, of course, but still great fun.

Tom Mendelsohn