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The best just gets better.

2k Sports have created an almost perfect basketball sim for the next-gen.

The game is absolutely beautiful to look at, the player physics and mechanics, the attention to detail on individual jump shots, movements and mannerisms is close to perfect and playing actual games are as close to living out the real thing as you can hope for.

LeBron James does LeBron James things and Kevin Durant is a mirror image of his real world self, even the lesser players have their signature shots and moves.

The game is close to perfection on the next-gen

Overall this edition feels a lot less arcade-like than in the past. It's tougher to win, and players have to concentrate if they are to knock down shots, grab steals and rebounds and work through set plays.

The introduction of a jump shot meter adds to the difficulty but is ultimately rewarding as you have to learn when best to release a shot; the timing that will see James knock down a three-point shot will see Stephen Curry throw an air-ball.

The presentation of games - Shaq and Ernie on pre-game, Doris Burke for half-time and full-time interviews voiced by real players - only adds to the sense of realism.

One small caveat before continuing: I only played a limited amount online which has been a problem area for some users - including the botched FaceScan (that now seems to have been resolved) and problems with losing saves.

Offline, however, the game is mind-blowing.

The developers have put a lot of stock into improving the popular MyCareer mode and it has paid off; it is a triumph.

Rather than enter the draft and get selected by a random team, you enter the story as an undrafted free agent - the key difference is you can now pick the team you want.

Whether that is the team you support or the team that will give you the best opportunity of playing time is up to you, but it is a marked improvement on your experience.

The mode features intricate cut scenes between your player and agent, and other players, and feels like a game in itself, rather than just advancing from one game to the next in previous editions.

MyGM offers a more in depth experience to The Association from previous games; indeed where a few hours could see you move through multiple seasons in the past, I'm yet to reach the play-offs in my first season despite heavy playing time because of all the different options and things to work out.

NBA Live, widely panned last year, returns at the end go the month with its latest edition; EA Sports have a lot of catching up to do.