Chilling, GTA style


After half a decade of waiting for GTA V, it has emerged that just an extra few hours to wait was all too much for some gamers.

According to a poll, carried out by, around one in seven gamers ended up with two copies of the game, both pre-ordering and buying it from the shop.

Of the keen ones who bought two copies, three quarters said that they became ‘too impatient for the delivery of the game to arrive’ and felt compelled to rush to stores to get their copy, some even at the midnight launch.

Some may have been pushed into their decision by the news that Amazon shipped some of their pre-ordered GTAs days before the scheduled release date.

However, it does seem that for a majority of gamers with two copies, the dust has settled after their buying frenzy. Half of those surveyed said that they planned to simply return their second copies for a refund; some have even come to the conclusion that they may have made a shrewd business decision, saying that they could probably “get a profit” if they sell their game on.