The plants now move to attack in Plants vs Zombies 2


Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare


Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC (£34.99)

EA has taken a brave leap in transforming the theme of its tower-defence series into an online shooter. The result is nowhere near as addictive as Plants vs Zombies 2, but it is incredibly different – the plants now move to attack, for one. Teamwork is key, and while fans might miss the strategic element, characters are full of personality, and the bright animation is certainly an appreciated step away from the misty, sludgy tones seen in other shooters. Full on unlockables and charm, it shows huge potential.

Laura Davis

Rambo: The Video Game


Xbox 360, PS3, PC (£39.99)

The Rambo series tried to create a juvenile ride appealing to those who want to be entertained and not think. Unfortunately, Rambo: the Video Game fails to achieve even this. The tedious and repetitive shooter condenses film plots into short, gallery-style stages, punctuated by meaningless quick-time events. Part of the appeal of the movies was the explosion-filled spectacle, but the best on offer here is the odd exploding barrel and a John Rambo that looks like a melted waxwork.

Jack Fleming

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2


Xbox 360, PS3, PC (£39.99)

With Dracula rising yet again, you'd expect this sequel to be a rip-roaring, action-packed adventure. But, in its early stages, it somehow manages to suck the life out of the player. Throwing in elements of stealth feels clumsy and wrong, slowing the pace and delaying the game's real core. It picks up nicely: combat is fluid and accurate; exploration more open. Yet it wants to be something it's not and muddles up the genres. Disappointing, given its predecessors.

David Crookes