Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia President Hiroshi Kawano with the new PlayStation Vita / Reuters

Sony is finally launching its PlayStation 4 and Vita in China, though they won’t get many of console’s popular games

Sony is taking the PlayStation 4 and Vita to China, working with developers to specially design games for the country’s strict censorship rules.

It announced months ago that it would take the PlayStation to the country, but said today that the console will arrive on January 11 and gave exact details of how the launch will work.

Sony will work with Chinese developers to make games specifically, as part of its commitment to make “healthy games that are suitable to China's national conditions... as according to the relevant government policies”, as it said earlier in the year.

It will also important some of its popular games, including Mr Pumpkin Adventure and King of Wushu, Sony said.

Since 2000, China has banned gaming consoles on the basis that they harm young people’s health. But the country lifted the ban earlier this year, though Chinese authorities will still have broad say over the content of games.

The Xbox already arrived in the country, launching in China three months ago.

Sony said earlier this year that the console will be produced through two joint ventures with Chinese companies — one focused on hardware and the other on software.