Sony Computer Entertainment President and Group CEO Andrew House, executive in charge of Sony Network Entertainment, introduces PlayStation Now / Getty Images

Subscription will give PS4 owners a chance to play PS3 games they might have missed

Sony’s PlayStation Now service is to offer a subscription service, allowing gamers unlimited access to its library of over 100 PS3 games.

Players have previously been able to rent games through PlayStation Now, but the new service will allow full access to the PlayStation’s library of PS3 games. The subscription will allow gamers on PS4 to play games for the previous console that they didn’t get at the time or miss no.

The subscription will be launched first on PS4 in North America, and then be rolled out across the world and on other PlayStation Now devices after that.

Sony will offer a one month subscription for $19.99 (about £13), or a three month package for $44.99. There will be a seven day trial of the service when it launches.

It will launch with games including Killzone 3, The Walking Dead and The Last Of Us. Sony will continue to add more games to the selection over time.