PS4 game reviews: Killzone: Shadow Fall; Knack; Resogun


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Killzone: Shadow Fall


PlayStation 4 (£54.99)

Somebody had to show off what the PlayStation 4 can do – so, step in Guerrilla Games with Killzone: Shadow Fall. Set on planet Vekta in 2370, the fourth instalment in the FPS series shows what the console is capable of: incredible graphics (1080p at 60fps), tense action fighting the Helghast, and swish integration of the Dual-Shock 4 controller touchpad with gameplay to control your OWL drone. Plus, the suspenseful and moving intro draws you in from the word go.



PlayStation 4 (£54.99)

With Knack (the title refers to a robot/creature who grows and picks up tricks along the way), Sony isn't breaking ground. It is straightforward and easy on the eye, but combat is awkward and repetitive – when Knack is small, a mere two hits will destroy him and send you back. Think early Ratchet & Clank, with a hint of the visuals in Skylanders, only not as entertaining as the former or diverse as the latter. It is playable – just not what you expect from next-gen-level gaming.



PlayStation 4 (£12.79 or free with PlayStation Plus)

Your job is a modest one here: save the last humans. No further explanation is needed or given. Resogun is reminiscent of the early Space Invaders style, but with such a modern twist that the frantic side-scrolling action requires your eyes to stay glued to the screen. You can jump straight in to defend your turf, with beautiful neon obliteration aplenty and superb arcade execution. If you're already getting PlayStation Plus, what more could you want for free?