Rare Replay arguably forms the most value-for-money gaming purchase ever

An amazing compilation of re-releases and remasters allows players to discover games they didn't try the first time around

Rare Replay


Xbox One (£19.99)

30 years ago, Ultimate Play the Game founders made their name producing gems such as Jetpac and Knight Lore. In 1985, they formed Rare and continued their winning streak. The impressive output of both companies form this amazing compilation of re-releases and remasters, arguably forming the most value-for-money gaming purchase ever. Gems include Banjo-Kazooie and Perfect Dark but the joy is discovering games you didn't try the first time around. There are some odd omissions – no Goldeneye, for instance – but it's as fine a celebration as you'll ever play.

David Crookes

Everybody's Gone to the Rapture


PS4 (£15.99)

There are times when the term video game doesn't accurately describe a creative work. EGTTR is an exploration lead narrative experience that tells a story through limited interaction and navigation. Discovering why the village is now uninhabited and what has happened to the ex-inhabitants is your aim. The Chinese Room have done a great job fleshing out characters which is done very skilfully in a short amount of time. Your skill won't be tested, you can't compare high scores with a friend but you will hopefully feel richer for having experienced what EGTTR provides.

Jack Fleming



Wii U (£8.09)

Set in the strange world of Symphonia, Beatbuddy sees the titular headphone-wearing hero set out to save his friend Harmony in an action-adventure with a musical twist. Players must make their way through various rhythm-themed obstacles, although you don't need to be musically competent to survive. The soundtrack is excellent, with six different composers creating music for different levels.

Sam Gill