Resident Evil HD Remaster; Trine: Enchanted Edition; Underground, gaming reviews


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Resident Evil HD Remaster


PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC (£15.99)

This HD remaster of the Gamecube take on the 1996 PS1 edition adds little to the game – but reminds us how special the original was. The story is a relatively standard haunted house premise, but manages to become much more interesting. Some areas look fantastic in 1080p; however, some areas have had noticeably less work done and as such show their age. Resident Evil is a genre-defining game that everyone should play, and while the formula has been improved upon since, this is still a classic and well worth a look.

Jack Fleming

Trine: Enchanted Edition


PC, PS4, Wii U (£9.99)

Trine is set in a fantasy world in which the undead have taken over a kingdom which has been left without a king after his death. You control one of three characters (a thief, a mage and a knight) who unwittingly combine their souls when they all touch the Trine. An odd game to reboot, but with the pressure on developers to make the most money they can with their investments, it's easy to see why it has been done. It's a solid game – and this is the best version you will find.




Wii U (£15.99)

Do you want to hone your surgical skills? Or are you a Lemmings fan? If the answer is yes to either of these (or both) then you should try Underground. It was originally conceived as a way to train medical students for keyhole surgery, but its appeal is definitely wider. With two mechanical arms in your control, the aim is to guide as many cute robots as you can to safety. It's a fun and occasionally challenging puzzle, but, if surgery or Lemmings don't interest you, then you'll probably want to give it a miss.

Max Benwell