Review: Final Fantasy XIV - A Realm Reborn


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Translating the vibrant world of Final Fantasy from an old-school RPG into an all-encompassing MMO has not been an easy task, and the 2010 version of FFXIV struggled to make a good impression.

Sadly, trouble also haunts the current incarnation,  with problems at launch leaving some gamers unable to join games for long periods. While it promises colourful vistas, intriguing characters and epic expeditions, the developers will need to improve the situation rapidly in order to keep customers onside. It’s a shame to have to forefront these issues, as the game itself is much improved and highly enjoyable.

Although the control interface is initially a little unwieldy on console, there’s an embarrassment of riches for the persevering adventurer. An overhaul of the jobs system allows players to chase specific paths for faster progress, or retain the freedom to equip abilities from other classes, and tackle quests in whatever fashion you wish. That is of course, if you can defeat the level 1017 logon boss.