Snake for smartphones set to be released by man who first put it on Nokia handsets

Classic game will return with new colours and extra features, but retains some of its nostalgic look

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Snake was many people’s first experience of mobile gaming, and might even be said to have started the now billion-pound genre. And the man who put it on those now-nostalgic Nokias is hoping that he can bring back the classic game for smartphones.

Taneli Armanto, who created the version of the game for Nokia, is working with a developer called Rumilus Design to create an updated app known as “Snake Rewind”. The game will be released for iOS, Android and Windows Phone on May 14.

While it keeps the basic concept and some of the look of the original game, it will also be updated to take on more advanced games like Candy Crush. Players will be able to rewind the snake after it has crashed, as well as being able to collect new bonuses, power ups and unlocking extra levels.

Snake Rewind will also feature a social element, where players can compete against others to rank on a leaderboard.

The game will also feature “many different types of special fruit”, which can be upgraded and purchased through a “fruit store”. That seems to imply that the game will be available on a “freemium model”, where it is free to download but the company makes money from charging for upgrades.