Shoot 'em up is back with new maps, weapons packs and multi-player modes

Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 (£49.99)

Sniper Elite III came out last summer to mixed reviews - while it offered a completely different take to FPS titles like Battlefield and Call of Duty, the third-person shooter had some flaws, mostly with physics and AI.

Ultimate edition not only returns with new maps, weapons and game modes - for both single and multi-player - but it has cleared up some of those issues, if not completely.

During my time playing there were no soldiers stuck halfway into a wall, or flying in mid-air for no reason. What was already an extremely fun alternative to the FPS brigade has become a lot more polished, although the AI still leaves a bit to be desired.

It's remains easy to go undetected, with enemies not staying wise to your presence for long enough to really make it tricky to decide on a strategy to navigate certain maps. If you really felt like it you don't even have to be a sniper at all - although that would deny you the enormous, visceral pleasure or guts exploding - it's easy to go in guns blazing with a machine gun.

As Sam Gill wrote in his review last summer, there was lots of replay value in the game then and it has only increased.

The three-part 'Save Chuchill' DLC is included, while a plethora of new weapons give you a chance to have a go at the existing maps with a twist. There are six new multi-player maps, a new co-op mission and Capture the Flag has also been included.

There's more than enough new content to warrant another go at a game that was released less than a year ago.

Those super slow-mo long-range kills will never get old, either.