Sonic dons Link's tunic / IGN

Dreaded Kakariko Village chickens make an appearance

Sonic and the Legend of Zelda are set to collide in a  DLC for Sonic Lost World that will see the hedgehog rolling through Hyrule Field.

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Games like Mario & Sonic at the Olympics and Super Smash Bros have united different gaming titles before of course, but this instance is slightly odd in that Sonic is simply transported straight into Link's environment.

A trailer for the downloadable Legend of Zelda Zone sees Sonic dressed in a green hat as he collects rupees around an adapted Hyrule.

There's all sorts of classic Zelda touches in there, like the murderous Kakariko Village chickens, a rolling Goron, a Loftwing, deku scrubs and treasure chests containing pieces of heart.

Sega previously weaved Nintendo characters into the game with a Yoshi's Island Zone that saw Sonic collect eggs.

The free Zelda stage will be available for download through the Wii U eShop on 27 March 2014.

In other Hyrulian news, a man was hospitalised earlier this month after being stabbed with the Master Sword.