The 20th anniversary edition of the PlayStation, in its special box / Sony

Twitter users quickly took against the promotion, despite guessing the clue

Sony issued its first clue to those looking to buy its retro 20th anniversary PlayStation 4 this afternoon, but the website built for it seemed to be broken leaving those wanting to get hold of the limited edition console frustrated.

The company said today that it would tweet clues about a certain PlayStation character, who would have to be found on a website featuring over 300 people from the last 20 years of PlayStation. That was part of a series of complicated instructions to buy the limited edition, original colour, machines.

But the website wouldn’t load as the clue was tweeted out, taking a long time to appear and then getting stuck on ‘0%’.

That prompted a barrage of irritated tweets. One user, James Bralant, replied to the tweet saying “The website is far too broken for this”.

Another said that PlayStation will “be lucky to get any of them claimed. Website is a mess”.

But some users did seem to get through successfully.

“IM ON AND BOOM IM RIGHT,” wrote one. “anyone want a playstation 4 20th anniversary edition”, they asked.