Tembo is unapologetically bright and fun, with a Saturday-morning-cartoon style

Experience the sheer joy of scattering enemies and destroying buildings

Tembo the Badass Elephant


Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC (£9.99)

If the thought of a Sega-published title with a speedy mammal protagonist gets you hot under the collar, this is for you. Taking cues from 1990s 2D platformers, and presenting them in a modern package, Tembo (above) is unapologetically bright and fun, with a Saturday-morning-cartoon style. Yes, there are times when the controls feel clunky, and it seems unfair to halt progress until players revisit earlier levels for a higher score, but these are minor complaints compared to the sheer joy of barrelling through the landscape, scattering enemies and destroying buildings.

Jack Turner


God of War III Remastered


PS4 (£29.99)

"Epic" is perhaps an understated adjective when applied to a game as celestially endowed as this, which takes the most violent parts of Greek mythology, pumps them full of steroids and prepares for battle on a grand scale. The game begins with a superb opening sequence as Kratos fights his way up Mount Olympus on the back of Gaia, heading for a showdown with Zeus at the summit. God of War veterans will welcome the buttery smooth frame rate, and new players will get a fresh look at one of Sony Santa Monica's great successes.

Sam Gill

The Talos Principle: Road to Gehenna


PC (£10.99)

This downloadable content for the original game adds more levels and a new story arc. The tools you have at your disposal are the same as before, but instead of collecting sigils you are now freeing other trapped creatures. The only real criticism is that the areas are a little similar to the original – it would have been nice to explore some different environments. But it looks beautiful, plays fantastically and gives you an immense sense of achievement when you finally crack a puzzle.

Jack Fleming