The Division DLC: New expansions coming, will be Xbox One exclusive for the first month

The online-only game has already raised questions about how it will develop as time goes on

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Developers have revealed details about The Division’s DLC — showing how one of the biggest games of the year will keep growing after its recent release.

The two new major expansions will be exclusive to the Xbox One for their first month, Ubisoft said. After that, they will make their way to the game’s two other platforms — the PlayStation 4 and PC.

Many initial reviews have praised the game but wondered how it will continue on in the coming months, much of which will be decided by the quality of the new updates.

The first of the paid expansions is Underground, which will allow players to move through New York’s subways and track down enemies. The second is called Survival and forces people to attempt to survive as long as they can — and get rewarded with loot if they succeed.

The company had already revealed its plans for the game through its first year, much of which will require players to pay to sign up for the Season Pass or pay for individually. If players bought the Gold or Collector’s Edition version of the game then they will be given those updates for free.

But not all of the updates will cost. Two free updates will be pushed out in the months after launch — Incursions, which will allow people to team up with other players against super-strong enemies, and a Conflict update that will bring new features to the extra-tough Dark Zone.

The free updates will be available on all platforms at launch, unlike the paid ones.

After that, paid expansions will come in June, later in the summer and winter. The first two will be the Underground and Survival modes, which will be followed by Last Stand in winter, Ubisoft said.