Players have already ripped apart the game, finding all of its audio files, missions and cutscenes

The Division has opened access to its servers early, meaning that people can play one of the biggest games of the year a day before its release.

The new Tom Clancy game wasn't scheduled to be released until 8 March. But people who already have access to their disk or digital game appear to be able to get onto the online-only game already.

The company also allowed people to download the game onto their computers and consoles early. That meant that some players were able to rip the game apart and find large parts of its internal files — including all of the game's audio files, details on every one of its 26 missions and every cutscene.

The early access means that many people are streaming their play, allowing even people who don't yet have access to the servers to watch the full game.

Many people had already played the game through its open beta, which gave people access for a weekend. The company then added another 24 hours to the beta after high demand.

The Division sees players navigate through a New York City that has been ravaged by a biologcal outbreak. Players travel through the highly-accurate recreation of the city in an attempt to find out what has happened, alongside other players from around the world.