The Princess Bride: The Official Game offers four levels based on memorable scenes from the film


The Princess Bride: The Official Game


iOS (£2.99)

It seemed inconceivable, but this game features stills and sound clips from Rob Reiner's 1987 classic fairytale film, offering four levels based on memorable scenes. It's not like the movie, and it should be free to play due to being short and very basic at points, but it can be quaint – three of the four games are likely to keep you returning. It says "free updates coming soon" – and let's hope that is indeed the case, or fans will be left feeling anything but "true love" for Gameblend Studios.

Laura Davis

Duke Nukem 3D: Megaton Edition


PS3, PS Vita (£6.99)

A good example of the Nineties style of FPS: with non-regenerating health, weapon pick-ups and high difficulty, the challenge is fun and the score analysis at the end of levels is a smart move to encourage replay. It is unfair to judge a game that came out nearly 20 years ago against modern offerings, but it does hammer home how far games have come. And it seems that the only thing that Duke Nukem parodies well is himself; the one-liners are predictable and the game uses women as nothing more than window dressing.

Jack Fleming

Hearthstone: Goblins vs Gnomes


iOS (2 packs of 5 cards for £1.99)

When Hearthstone dropped last year it quickly garnered praise and a defined fan-base. It's received two expansion packs: Curse of Naxxramas saw the player battling against deviously clever computer opponents, while the latest simply adds more cards – albeit 143. There's the new introduction of mech cards, which feed off other mechs on the playing table, and a boatload of legendaries, such as a new Warrior card which hides a mine in a player's deck. Simple, and yet steadily complex when you try to create the perfect deck. It's a beautiful little game.

Max Wallis