Instant classic: Your jaw will drop at the sheer beauty of The Swapper


The Swapper


PS3, PS4, Vita (£11.59)

When it was launched on the PC, the tiny independent developer Facepalm was showered with praise. Now, on PlayStation consoles, they can stand up and take a bow once more. The Swapper is based on a rather simple, almost retro, premise that hides great depth, both on a playable and narrative level. You work your way through a dimly lit space station, solving puzzles and looking for a way to escape, armed only with a torch. Throughout all of this, your jaw will drop at the sheer beauty of it all. An instant classic.

David Crookes

Call of Duty Ghosts: Nemesis DLC


Xbox One (£12)

As the hype around the new franchise, Advanced Warfare, mounts, Call of Duty Ghosts has had its final say with the latest DLC pack, Nemesis. It has enough new features – and a pinch of old times – to keep things interesting. Many CoD fans have claimed that Ghosts was going stale soon after its next generation release, but something feels different about Nemesis, which has four new maps, each with its own unique field order. It won't let you down.

Matthew Morlidge

Crazy Taxi: City Rush


iOS (Free)

There's probably a fair few of you who, like me, haven't played Crazy Taxi since the Dreamcast version; but Sega have been slowly doling out this franchise on numerous platforms since its 1999 release. Though it's a freemium game, you don't have to play for long before you can start upgrading your car's engine and customizing everything you want for extra fares (mine's pink and has a t-rex on the bonnet) – and you don't have to pay your way to enjoy it.

James Tennent