Square Enix; 3DS; £29.99

It is hard to predict what elements can combine to form an entertaining game, and I certainly doubt anyone would have predicted an RPG style rhythm game would be two of them, but Square Enix have struck upon something here.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call is the catchy title for the sequel to the equally catchily titled 2012 game Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. In Curtain Call you take control of a group of characters from the Final Fantasy universe and must negotiate through various stages and battles using rhythm game mechanics to land hits.

If you miss a hit a portion of your HP is removed and you must go into battle with the right party members selected as different characters have different abilities which can reduce or increase the damage or penalties.

As you progress through the game you unlock more characters and stages and better and more varied items that can be equipped to your party.

The rhythm game mechanics are as every rhythm game before them, think Guitar Hero or DDR. With the ability to use either the buttons, the stylus or a mixture of the two the game caters to a variety of play styles.

Having each stage come with three difficulty settings is a nice way to ease the player into the game. On the lowest difficulty settings the game is remarkably easy and no consideration is needed of party make up or equipped items, however as you increase the difficulty these become more crucial and a new level of tactical thinking is required.


There is something remarkably addictive about trying to get an SS grade on each stage and real sense of tension when you are close to a perfect run.

Fans of the Final Fantasy games will recognise the characters and songs used here, but even if you are unfamiliar with the series I would recommend Curtain Call as enjoying the game does not require prior knowledge.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call is a remarkably well polished game which would be fun to play even without the added tactical element - it's definitely worth a look.