£4.49; Wobbly Tooth Games; 3DS

No child is going to beg their parents for Toy Stunt Bike. There will be no excited internet discussion or flashy midnight release - it is a game with modest expectations. This doesn’t mean that it's a terrible game, it just doesn’t have much ambition; it’s the equivalent of a backing singer, happy to provide some entertainment in the background while not drawing too much attention to itself.

The game is the familiar motorcycle based ‘Trials’ fare in which the player can make the bike stop, go, and balance forward and backwards; this control is then used to negotiate the obstacles you encounter.

Games like the recent Trials Fusion took this formula and made it bombastic and exciting, whereas Toy Stunt Bike is happy to plod along and do the bare minimum. As the game progresses, the difficulty increases, and in mastering these trickier levels is where the enjoyment is to be found.

The bike feels a bit heavy and slow, and as there is no upgrade feature within the game so it's the same bike throughout. But the limitations of the bike do add somewhat to the challenge and enjoyment.

For a sub £5 game released on a handheld it's understandable that the levels aren't the most intricate or attractive, but the limited number of household items that are used as obstacles and the lack of interesting scenery make the visuals quite dull.

A decent enough addition to the genre, but with so many superior competitors on the market there's no real reason to pick this one.