Trending: Pigs (and Angry Birds) in space!


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Video-game launches can be gritty (I've seen one at Battersea Power Station as holograms of helicopters circled, and visited a former nuclear bunker under Moscow for another).

They can be glamorous – well, sort of (the Playboy Mansion isn't my idea of high-end luxe. Too many dead-eyed Bunnies, but my fellow games hacks seemed impressed).

Now developer Rovio has raised the game – its most recent reveal is out of this world. The creator of the cosmically successful Angry Birds unveiled its latest release yesterday – Angry Birds Space (available now costing from 69p) – and showed off its new in-game physics on the International Space Station (watch the video here:

Rovio had a Nasa scientist show off the zero-gravity elements of Angry Bird Space in zero gravity.

Cool, right?

Scary, though – where will games launches go next? Mars? Gulp...