PC, PS4, Wii U; £9.99 on Steam; Frozenbyte

In what seems to be a trend that won’t die, the powers that be have decided to re-realease a spruced up version of a game that is over five years old. Trine originally came out in 2009 and was a solid action/puzzle platformer, this version adds online multiplayer and improved graphics.

Trine is set in a fantasy world in which the undead have taken over a kingdom left without a king after his death. You control one of three characters (a thief, a mage and a knight) who unwittingly combine their souls when they all touch the Trine, resulting in only one of them being able to exist physically at one time. You solve puzzles and battles by switching between the three characters, each with their own unique abilities.


Visually the game is a standard fantasy style side scrolling affair, and while the visuals have been improved they are nothing to write home about.

An issue I had with this game throughout is that it seems rather easy and none of the puzzles or fights are that difficult. Some of the puzzle sections were really quite similar which gradually becomes tedious. The gameplay isn’t bad; it just doesn’t offer anything new, and there are a whole host of similar games out there that do the same thing - only better.

An odd game to reboot, but with the pressure on developers to make the most money they can with their investments it’s easy to see why it has been done. Trine is a solid game that anyone still wishing to play should pick up as this is certainly the best version you will find.