Unrest boasts the USP of being one of the first games to be set in ancient India




PC (£9.99)

Funded via Kickstarter, Unrest boasts the USP of being one of the first games to be set in ancient India. You will take control of multiple characters, each with their own story tied together into an over-arching plot. Dealing with the caste system brings a whole new set of interesting challenges, and while the art style looks good as a still photo, it can look rough when in motion. There's also some repetitive scenery, but this can be forgiven considering the size of the team and their budget.

Jack Fleming

Pokémon Trading Card Game


3DS (£4.49)

This Virtual Console re-release of the 2000 Game Boy Colour original offers more than 200 cards to collect. With energy, evolution and item cards thrown into the mix, the strategic gameplay converts surprisingly well to the style of handheld gaming. But the level of micro-management required to create a formidable hand may be too much for some players – and it's difficult to shake the idea that it would be better suited to a fully fledged remake with a sparkly new deck, rather than a direct port with a few frayed edges.

Oliver Cragg

Super Toy Cars


Wii U (£6.99)

Reminiscent of the much-loved Micro Machines games, Super Toy Cars is an arcade racing game in which players assume control of various miniature vehicles, recklessly speeding around courses marked out among household objects. Races come in a variety of modes, a personal favourite being the eliminator races where the last-placed competitors are disqualified at 15 second intervals, but there's a lot of re-used assets from track to track – sadly, it feels like a missed opportunity to update toy racing for a new generation of young racers.

Sam Gill