What a difference a decade makes...

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As we gallop towards the end of the decade, shopping baskets filled with Wii games and iPhones, it’s easy to forget just how much the gaming landscape has changed in the last 10 years.

Christmas 1999 was devoid of many of the hitech treats we take for granted at the end of the Noughties. The PlayStation 2 was but a twinkle in its maker’s eyes, the GameCube wasyet to hit the shelves, and Microsoft had no place in the console business. There was no ‘World of Warcraft’, no ‘Halo’, no ‘BioShock’, no motion-sensitive controllers, no DS (lite or otherwise). The Noughties have been golden years for gaming, so raise a glass to the titles of the last 10 years and here’s to another decade of electronic entertainment that will no doubt bring unimaginable delights.